Research Resources

The following are internal forms, grant systems, Mississippi State University information, and budget information to assist you in preparing your proposal. You will need to download the forms to your desktop before being able to view them.

Proposal Forms

Policies and Procedures

  • Research Policies and Procedures: Proper administration of sponsored project funds includes policies set forth by sponsors and policies, procedures, and guidance set forth by Mississippi State University.
  • Limited Submissions Notices: External funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Energy, etc., often limit the number of proposal submissions that a university may submit. This information is always provided in the agency announcement. To make sure that Mississippi State University provides an equal opportunity to all researchers pertaining to a limited submission, it is necessary that a process be in place to insure an equal opportunity. Therefore, all limited submissions are required to go through the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) before being submitted to OSP.

MSU Grant Systems

Internal Grant System

All requests to OSP for proposal and award assistance should be initiated through the Service Request Portal. Please contact the college’s grant and contract specialist to initiate the ticket.

External Grant Systems

Cayuse 424 is an electronic research administration system that serves as a proposal development tool and submission portal to Cayuse 424 is a convenient, user-friendly interface that provides auto-filling of university and faculty profiles, and interactive error checking as the proposal is being developed.

MSU Institutional Information

OSP has compiled general information you may need in writing your grant proposal. Information such as the University DUNS Number, EIN, and Institutional representatives can be found on the OSP home page on the bottom left corner.

Budget Basics

Listed below are several tools to help you prepare your grant or project budget.

  • College of Education Budget Template: Helpful spreadsheet that will do budget calculations such as increases in salary, indirect costs (F&A), etc. for you.  Please contact Kyle Baggerly at for most up-to-date version.
  • Preparing Budget Justifications: Information on how to prepare your budget justification.
  • F&A Cost Rate Agreement: Our indirect cost rates are determined by an agreement with the federal government and MSU.

MSU Trainings

  • ORED Seminar Series: Seminars offered both in the fall and spring. Topics include: IRB, Project Evaluation, Writing Tips, etc.
  • Library Workshops: Workshops are scheduled throughout the semester and taught by MSU knowledgeable faculty and staff. Topics include: Research tools and methods, Citation management, Copyright, etc.