Scholarship List

Students may apply for University, College and Departmental Scholarships through one application. To access the scholarship application, log-in to your MyState account, click on the Financial Aid and Scholarship tab and select "Submit/Revise General Scholarship Application."  Freshman Priority Deadline:  December 1stTransfer and Continuing Students Deadline:  March 1st 

College of Education Scholarship List

Amanda Catherine Richards Endowed Scholarship in Special EducationAmanda Richards Special Education Endowed ScholarshipBarbara Pilkington Endowed ScholarshipBarry & Lana Knight Endowed ScholarshipBarry F. & Mary H. Box Endowed ScholarshipBebe R. Freeman Annual ScholarshipBert Jenkins Endowed ScholarshipBetty and Joe Trulove Scholarship in EducationBeverly Beatty Boozer Endowed ScholarshipBobby & Regina Sanford Endowed ScholarshipCarey P. Vanderford ScholarshipCarol Moss Read Loyalty ScholarshipCharles & Wilma Havens Endowed ScholarshipCharles Kenneth Irby, Sr. Endowed ScholarshipCheryl Prewitt Vocal Scholarship (Audition Required)Cindy and Bryan Wilson Endowed Scholarship in EducationClara Self Andrews Endowed Scholarship (Audition Required)Coach Stan Hughey Memorial Endowed ScholarshipCox, Mills & Tingle Endowed Scholarship in Counselor EducationDan and Rona Belser Endowed Scholarship Darrell and Holly Jones Annual ScholarshipDavid & Peggy Tiffin Loyalty ScholarshipDewey & Marie Malouf Endowed ScholarshipDoris Haddix Dodd Memorial Endowed ScholarshipDr. Bille J. and Jean T. Ball Endowed ScholarshipDr. Clinton Graves Scholarship (Audition Required)Dr. Clyde & Vashti Muse Endowed ScholarshipDr. Harvey S. and Dr. Di Ann Lewis Endowed ScholarshipDr. Herbert Handley ScholarshipDr. Janice I. Nicholson Endowed ScholarshipDr. Leroy Block Brackstone and Gladys Bullard Brackstone ScholarshipDr. Nancy Kubin Wallner Martin ScholarshipDr. Peggy Slaughter Loyalty ScholarshipDr. R. Thomas McKnight ScholarshipDr. Susan McLaren Brooks Memorial Endowed ScholarshipDr. Susan McLaren Brooks ScholarshipDurward Dunn Endowed ScholarshipEllen Curtis Ricci Memorial Endowed ScholarshipEmma Grace Hayes Memorial Endowed ScholarshipFrancis Matthews Endowed ScholarshipFrank and Ann Chiles Annual ScholarshipFrank and Gayle Gallaher Loyalty ScholarshipGeorge W. Bush ScholarshipGeorge Wesley Reed Endowed Scholarship in Teaching & CoachingHardin T. & Katie Rose McClendon Endowed ScholarshipHerbert M. Handley ScholarshipHoseman Family Autism Foundation Annual ScholarshipJack Beall Endowed ScholarshipJacqueline Martin Ashford Memorial Endowed ScholarshipJames Patterson Teacher Education Scholarship Jerry Williams Choral Ensemble Annual Scholarship (Audition Required)Jess and Grace Yarbrough Memorial Endowed Scholarship Jessie and Jewell Wyatt Endowed ScholarshipJoe & Catherine Fortunato Endowed ScholarshipJohn “Pat” & Cathy Downey Memorial ScholarshipJohn Albert Bodron Memorial Endowed ScholarshipJohn and Marry Passons ScholarshipJohn M. & Margaret Johnson Endowed ScholarshipJohn V. and Dr. Gloria Correrro Annual ScholarshipJohnnie R and Cathy Butler Annual ScholarshipJudy O’Neal Gressley Endowed Memorial ScholarshipKatherine Gardner Thomas Endowed ScholarshipKatherine Gardner Thomas Piano Scholarship (Audition Required)Lance H. & Phyfa Eiland Endowed ScholarshipLarry & Florence Box Endowed ScholarshipLauri Lewis Hayes ScholarshipLillian C. Leard Memorial Endowed Scholarship Lois Abel Saunders & William Clay Haney Endowed Scholarship in Special EducationLouise Long Lishman Memorial Endowed ScholarshipLucinda Rose Memorial Endowed ScholarshipMann-Parker Council Education Scholarship EndowmentMargaret Jock DeMoville Annual ScholarshipMary and Wendell Ladner Loyalty ScholarshipMary Jane Schoonmaker Waldrop Endowed ScholarshipMax & Patricia Jobe Endowed ScholarshipMerchants & Farmers Bank ScholarshipMerrill and Carrie Hawkins Endowed ScholarshipNan Carpenter Cain Endowed ScholarshipNancy Kubin Wallner Martin ScholarshipNecole Moore Ray Endowed ScholarshipOela Trixie Bishop Endowed Scholarship in EducationPaul L. Lightsey Endowed ScholarshipQuay Webb Camp Endowed ScholarshipR. Clay & Caroline Moore Simmons Memorial Endowed ScholarshipRehabilitation Inc. Endowed ScholarshipSam & Arline Dyess ScholarshipSmith-Moore Music Scholarship Steven Thomas Jones Memorial Endowed ScholarshipSusan W. Wells Annual ScholarshipSusie Alinder Memoral Endowed ScholarshipSydney Elizabeth Robbins Memorial Annual Scholarship in EducationVincent and Linda McGrath ScholarshipWarren F. and Judith G. Housley Endowed ScholarshipWilbur Pearson Sudduth Endowed Scholarship 

Additional Scholarships for Teacher Education Candidates through the Mississippi Department of Education

For university information on admissions and scholarships, please contact:

Office of Admissions and Scholarships
Ph: 662.325.2224

For university information on the TEACH Grant and financial aid, contact: Department of Student Financial Aid
Ph: 662.325.2450 or 662.325.3990

For College information on these and other scholarships, please contact:

The Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program — The Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program is an innovative new program designed to attract the best and brightest students who want to become mathematics and English teachers in Mississippi. Program benefits include:A full four year scholarship Room and board Study abroad opportunities Technology stipend.

Applications and information can be found at