Our History

The College of Education

The education curriculum for the preparation of teachers was developed in 1903 at Mississippi State University with the establishment of the Department of Industrial Education. The School of Industrial Pedagogy was organized in 1909. This name was changed to the School of Education in 1935 and to the College of Education in 1963.

The unit is comprised of six academic departments, including Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Foundations; Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education; Music; Instructional Systems and Workforce Development; Educational Leadership; and Kinesiology; in addition are two teacher candidate preparation programs offered jointly with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences -Agricultural and Extension Education and Family and Consumer Sciences.

These academic departments are augmented by one primary research unit, the National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision, and three service units, the Center for Educational Partnerships, the T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability, and the Office of Clinical/Field-Based Instruction, Licensure, and Outreach, which are coordinated through the Office of the Dean.

Included in the Center for Educational Partnerships are the following service units: America Reads-Mississippi, the World Class Teaching Project (which prepares teachers for National Board certification), the Writing/Thinking Institute (part of the National Writing Project), and the Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center.

Deans of the College of Education

1935 — 1940 Sam P. Hathorne
1940 — 1956 Burrow P. Brooks
1956 — 1959 Theodore K. Martin
1959 — 1961 Homer S. Coskrey
1961 — 1970 Francis A. Rhodes
1970 — 1979 Merrill M. Hawkins
1979 — 1980 Max O. Heim
1980 — 1994 Arnold J. Moore
1994 — 2001 William H. Graves
2001 — 2004 Roy H. Ruby
2005 — 2021 Richard Blackbourn
2021 — Present Teresa Jayroe

College Timeline


The Department of Industrial Education founded.


The Department of Industrial Education becomes the School of Industrial Pedagogy.


Dean Sam P. HathorneThe name of the School of Industrial Pedagogy is changed to the School of Education, with V.G. Martin as Acting Dean; The School of Education taught Agricultural Education, Math & Science Education, Physical Education, and Trade & Industrial Education. Dean Sam P. Hathorne later named as 1st Dean.


Dean Burrow P. BrooksUnder Dean Burrow P. Brooks, the School of Education is first divided into distinct departments. Founded at this time are the Departments of General Education (which became CISE), Industrial Education (which became ISWD), and Physical Education (which became Kinesiology).


The School of Education is first accredited by the Mississippi High School Accrediting Commission.


The Department of Guidance Education (which has become CEP) was founded.


Business & Education BuildingAt this time, the School of Education is housed in the Business and Education building, which is now Bowen Hall.


Winning Exhibit from the Schoold of Education


Dean Theodore K. MartinDean Theodore K. Martin is named. The College’s T.K. Martin Center on Technology and Education is named for him.


Under Dean T.K. Martin, the Department of Music Education (now the Department of Music) was founded.


Dean Homer S. CoskreyDean Homer S. Coskrey is named.

Aerial view of the campus


Dean Francis A. RhodesDean Francis A. Rhodes is named. Under Dean Rhodes, the School of Education achieves its first NCATE Accreditation. At this time, the School of Education was located in Hilbun Hall

The Famous Maroon Band

Hilbun Hall


The name of the School of Education is changed to the College of Education


Dean Merrill M. HawkinsMerrill M. Hawkins (who would later become Associate Dean, then Dean) is named the school’s first Assistant Dean.


Wall, Box, and AmosDean Merrill M. Hawkins is named. At this time, the Department of School Administration, Supervision, and Adult Education (which is now our Department of Leadership and Foundations) was established.


Allen HallThe College of Education is moved to Allen Hall, where it now resides.


College of Education Dean's CabinetThe Bureau of Educational Research, the College’s first research center, is established, with Herbert M. Handley as Director.


The Learning Center is established.


Dean Max O. HeimDean Max O. Heim is named.


Dean Arnold J. MooreDean Arnold J. Moore is named.


The Research, Rehabilitation, and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision, now the National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision, is established.


Dean William H. GravesDean William H. Graves is named.


Teach at round table with childrenThe Center for Educational Partnerships is established.


The T.K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability is established.


The Early Childhood Institute is founded.


Dean Roy H. RubyDean Roy H. Ruby is named.


Dean Richard BlackbournDean Richard Blackbourn is named.



Headshot of Teresa JayroeDean Teresa Jayroe is named.