Licensure Scores & Evaluation Measures

(CAEP Component R3.3 | RA.3.4)

All Mississippi educators must meet licensure guideline requirements as certified teacher and administrators and to be highly qualified. The Guidelines for Licensure K-12 is a handbook of all licensure requirements approved by the Mississippi State Board of Education for all types of teacher and administrator licensure and certification required by law. All guideline changes require action by the State Board of Education.

Additional evaluation measures used to assess candidate’s competency are as follows:

Initial programs 
-Impact on Student Learning (IoSL) which started as an EPP-created assessment, is now a statewide proprietary common assessment instrument that was designed by the statewide Educator Preparation Provider Collaborative Committee (EPPCC) and implemented effective spring 2021. Teacher Candidates (TCs) put into practice all elements of planning, instruction, and assessment that they have learned and then analyze student assessment data to gauge their level of impact on their students’ learning during their student teaching (internship).  Success Indicator for Spring 2019-Fall 2020 results is 3 or higher performance level. For Spring 2021 results, success indicator is 2 or higher performance level. 

Advanced programs 
-Comprehensive Exam which is an EPP-created assessment is designed to measure the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of leading, teaching, and learning with appropriate references to educational leadership theories, research, technology, and best practices connected to professional standards and dispositions at the conclusion of the program. Success indicator for Summer 2019-Summer 2021 is 2 or higher performance level.

Initial Program Levels:

Advanced Program Levels: