Information on the Praxis Series Tests

For information on Praxis Series test dates, consult the following web-site:

Registration deadlines are approximately 5 weeks before the test date. Examinees are urged to file their registration forms at least six weeks before the exam date. These registration deadlines refer to the date when the registration form is received, not postmarked. See Registration Bulletin for late registration dates.


You may call a staff member at the Learning Center at 325-2957 to obtain information on recommended study guides or on the course LSK 2990, which is offered to help prepare for the PRAXIS series tests or on.

Information about registration, test centers, fees, score reports and tests at a glance study guide is contained in the Praxis Series Registration Bulletin and on the Praxis website (see above).

Registration via the web is preferred. In addition, a limited number of paper registration Bulletins are available in the Counseling Center which is located in room 100 of Lee Hall. They are also available by calling 1- 800-772-9476 or writing to: The Praxis Series, Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6051, Princeton, NJ 08541-6051. A limited number of fee waivers are available for enrolled students who meet eligibility requirements.

When to Take the Praxis Series

The Core test should be taken as early as possible-in the freshman or sophomore year or as soon as one considers a teacher education major.

Praxis II (PLT and Specialty Area) should be taken prior to the first day of internship.

Test Preparation

(Helpful Hints from the Counseling Center)

You will be taking a standardized test. This means that the procedure and instructions for administration must be strictly adhered to by those administering the Educational Testing Service tests all over the world. There may be aspects of the testing procedure that you do not understand. Therefore, please feel free to ask the test administrator any questions, or voice any concerns you have about the procedure.

All examinees must be checked in for each section. This procedure complies with Education Testing Service specifications and is time-consuming. Therefore, be prepared to wait in line to be checked in, or in your seat while others are checked in. Remember that test procedures must be strictly adhered to by the test administrators and that all testing personnel want to help you--so let them know if you have a special need. They will help as much as possible within the specified limits and instructions of the test company.

Remember to do your part:

Arrive on time; be punctual after breaks.

Have your admission ticket and photo-bearing ID ready for check-in.

  1. An ID with a NAME, PHOTOGRAPH, and SIGNATURE must be provided. MSU student ID’s do not have signatures but can be used if accompanied by an additional photo or signature ID. Photo credit cards are not acceptable.
  2. The ID presented must bear the name in which you registered for the test. If you register in your married name and if your ID has not been changed, you must present a copy of your marriage license.
  3. Refer to the “What to take to the test center” section of the registration bulletin for a complete list of items to take to the test center.

You might not be assigned to the same testing area as your friends.

Please be quiet in the halls.

Should you see a testing procedure that concerns or upsets you, ask the testing personnel to clarify. They are doing the job as they have been instructed to do and will be glad to share with you any information that will help you understand. Also, remember that it is a good idea to be an "early-to-bed, early-to-rise" person on a test day, and to eat sensibly before the test. Have a successful test day!!!

Praxis Scores for Teacher Education/Mississippi Educator's License

Candidates for admission to Teacher Education must pass Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) unless they meet the SAT (minimum score of 990) or ACT exemption (minimum ACT composite score of 21 with no sub-score below 18). Additionally, in order to receive a Mississippi Educator License, candidates must record passing scores on the Praxis II, Specialty Area Test and the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Test. At the time of application, candidates must request that scores be sent to MSU (CODE R1480) or MSU Meridian (CODE R3336) and to the Mississippi Department of Education (R7599).

Core Cut Scores (beginning 9/1/2013)

Reading (5712 - until 8/31/19) / (5713 - after 8/31/19) 156
Writing (5722 - until 8/31/19) / (5723 - after 8/31/19) 162

Mathematics (5732 - until 8/31/19) / (5733 - after 8/31/19)

150 (until 8/31/19) / 130 (after 8/31/19

*Minimum passing score of 150 on 5732 will be accepted until 8/31/2021. 

Praxis II Specialty Area and PLT Required Scores

Specialty Area Test Code Passing
Art Education (5134) 158
Audiology (5342) 170
Biology (5235) 150
Business Education (5101) 153
Chemistry (5245) 151
Early Childhood Education (5024) 160
Elementary Education (K-6) (5017) 153
Elementary Education (4-6) (5018)  163
Emotional Disability (K-12) (5372) 154
English Language Arts: Content Knowledge (5038) 167
French (5174) 153
German (5183) 154
Guidance and Counseling (5421) 156
Home Economics/Family (5122) 153
Technology Education (5051) 159
Marketing (5561) 151
Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) 152
Library Media Specialist (5311) 143
Middle Grade Math (5169) supplemental only 165
Middle Grade Language Arts (5047) supplemental only 164
Middle Grade Social Studies (5089) supplemental only 149
Middle Grade Science (5440) supplemental only 150
Music Education (5113) 161
Physical Education (5091) 145
Physics (5265) 139
School Leaders Licensure Assessment (6990) 151
School Psychologist (5402) 147
Social Studies (5081) 150
Spanish: World Language (5195) 160
Special Education (5354) 152
Special Education Fundamental Subjects HQ (5511) 142
Speech/Language Pathology (5331) 162

Principles of Learning and Teaching Test Code Passing
Grade Level K-6 (5622) 160
Grade Level 7-12 (5624) 157